in short... great coffee.



Cortado. – a simple drink allowing the nuances of beautiful espresso & the skills of milk texturing to be fully appreciated.




Our farmers at origin choosing when to harvest and how to process to get the best flavours from the coffee cherries.

Roasted by hand in Dublin on our Geisen Roaster

Brewed to perfection by our baristas.




Each site chosen to give a unique coffee experience.

Our house and guest blends change with the seasons to ensure you can enjoy the best coffee every day.




Through sourcing from origin.

Through roasting partnerships.

In our offering & messaging



Speciality Coffee is what we do.

Single origin espresso & filter coffees that change with the seasons.


Tasty bites that are sourced locally from our Artisan Suppliers.


Cortado is all about the flavours of every element, they should be simply served allowing them to be the best they can be.  

Sustainable & Ethical.


Caravela Coffee are our chosen partners at origin.

Cup Quality

  - 60% of all coffees are grade AA or higher

  - 84.3 is the average score of all coffees

Productivity & Efficiency

  - Farmers are encouraged to pick coffee in microlots

  - Coffees delivered are graded and purchase price offered by text to farmers.


- 3,700 visits annually for technical advice.

- 252 Farmers are members of the 'Sembra y Cosecha' Program.



  - 74% of Caravela Employees come from agricultural background  

- 21% of suppliers are female.

in short... great coffee.

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